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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Someone STEALING my ART!! on Etsy

Artists be aware! The listing below was brought to my attention today, someone on etsy created a listing with MY painting above, asking another artist to COPY!! MY painting but for less money! Can you believe the audacity??! This is beyond copyright infringement and just plain sickening if you ask me! I have contacted etsy & will be checking to make sure this item is removed by this evening at the latest! And how sweet of them to have the deadline on my birthday!
Oil Panting of Westie Atop Vintage Suitcase
posted 6/13/2010 , expires 7/4/2010
I'm looking to buy an oil painting on stretched canvas that is identical (or at least very similar) to this one:


Please let me know in your bid what you would charge for such a piece (the price I have in this listing is just a placeholder since I know everyone's bids will vary greatly) and also what size you are bidding. I am open to any size between 11x14" and 18x24".

The deadline date I listed above is the date by which I would like to have the piece in my hands. I realize this may be a stretch so if it is not possible to finish it by that date I can probably be a little flexible.

In your bid, please include the price to ship the piece to Virginia.

Thanks and I look forward to reviewing your bids!
Materials: oil paint, stretched canvas
Tags: westie, dog, oil painting, canvas

Ideal price: $1.00
Deadline: Jul 19, 2010
Quantity: 1
Ship To: Fairfax, VA 22033
United States

Images: (click to enlarge)


  1. They say that "imitation is the highest form of flattery", but it really p@@ses me off when someone steals a creative idea and then uses it for their own gain. I hope that Etsy not only takes down the listing, but bans the person who put it up, too. Hope you'll share the resolution to this with us. Best Wishes. xoxo Donna

  2. Thank you! I will let everyone know what happens! I've heard etsy isn't there on the weekends, but it better be gone by Monday at the very latest! unbelievable! Mean people stink!!

  3. Wow! Totally not cool. I do hope Etsy will act quickly! Some people! :[

  4. So, I just received an email from this person saying that they are appalled that I am upset??! That they couldn't find a way to buy/commission the painting from me so they looked for 'other means'?...Um, I have an ENTIRE PAGE on my website for COMMISSIONS AND have listings on etsy for commissions...this person is not only a liar, but obviously has no conscience and are putting up a similar listing but without my photo....nice.

  5. Oh, that is sooo wrong, wrong, wrong! People just don't get it...that they are stealing your creativity! It's just like sticking their hand in your purse and grabbing money.

  6. Exactly! Etsy did remove the listing but the same person just created a new listing without my photo but asking for a Westie on a suitcase, so it's still stealing my idea, but there is nothing more I can do...such a bummer when someone like this jerk(sorry) gets away with something like this. :o(

  7. Even though the person listing the request is unethical, let's hope the other etsy artisans aren't. I'm sure they'll see that it's a dirty practice and wouldn't want it done to them, so they won't help the person posting the request.

    I was on etsy last night and noticed that a seller was selling something I had seen -exactly- in another etsy store. I know people copy others on etsy - I've seen tons of it. But, this was a graphic design file. I went back to the other shop and she states that all of her designs are original. I sent her a message with the link to the other seller's listing, and I sent the other seller a message letting her know that I knew she was stealing from another shop and had informed them of it.

    I think I did the right thing. Wrong is wrong, and these artisans, myself included, who make very original creations from our own creativity, do not deserve to be copied to the exact detail.

    Inspiration is one thing. Blatant copying is totally different.

    I know of one shop (a friend of mine) that is being copied by another shop literally on a weekly basis. In fact, it's almost become a joke with us guessing how long it will take the copier to repeat the new items my friend lists in her shop. It usually only takes about 4-5 days. WHY can't people come up with their own original ideas?

    I just hope no one honors that gals request. I look at your etsy shop often, and you're right, there's NO WAY that someone would not know that you do commission work. And even if she claims to not be able to find that info, why wouldn't she have emailed you to see if it's something you did?

  8. Thank you so much! It's at least been good to get a lot of support on this issue here on my blogs & on facebook...I know artists get inspiration from one another, but this person is looking to find an artist to COPY my work, and the last time I checked she/he had 3 bids on her request, I just hope whatever artist decides to work with this person realizes that if they try and COPY my work I WILL find a way to expose them!

  9. That's despicable, honey! Hard to believe...

  10. Keep after this person. I have clients copy my photo proofs and then not place orders every once and awhile. People just really don't get it. I have had to resort to marking on the proofs so they can't copy them. This person, after being caught is very uncool to keep asking for a bid. Can we leave comments there?

  11. I'd head over to etsy and start a new post in the forums. I'd title it "Someone is requesting to steal my work! What do I do?" You'll get tons of feedback over there.

    Id go so far as to post the link to the request, and then ask if other etsians feel like you should approach the bidders who've agreed to copy your work.

    You know the minute someone shows interest, she'll be sending them a picture of YOUR painting. It's just wrong.

  12. This is the new listing the person created:


    so far there are 8 bids! Unfortunately you can't leave comments or I would, but maybe I can look into the forums!

  13. Ok, I started a forum post on etsy here:

    hoping it drums up support & who knows maybe the listing will get removed?

  14. Appalling! Unfortunately there are those who are only looking for the lowest price and don't care what they do to get what they want.
    In response to your comment in the thread...the reason they don't come up with their own original ideas is because they have none!
    I'm sorry for what is happening. I hope Etsy has pulled it already!

  15. Hi, I was just visiting some blogs I follow and came across your post. I am soooo sorry this happened and I cant believe someone is so clueless and rude. Your art is awesome and I doubt that it would be very easily duplicated. I have one word. KARMA!
    I am glad you started the discussion.
    (()) gail

  16. Well, gotta love etsy, they closed my thread in the forums for 'calling out' the member who is basically looking to STEAL MY ARTWORK & they closed the thread...nothing like punishing the victim here! :o(

  17. I am so sorry that this has happened to you - your painting is beautiful. What a shame that some people don't respect the artful creations of others. Disappointing to know; I would have expected more from etsy.

  18. I know, I was really hoping etsy would make an exception here given the listing this person posted to begin with & end the new listing. I just don't want etsy becoming ebay, there is enough crooks already out there!

  19. What is the matter with people!? Too much I see evil called good, and good evil. Even though you receive a lot of support on the etsy forum, there were also a ton of lame ones, and I am so disappointed etsy closed the forum. As if no one has a clue the rip off artist has a copy of your artwork to work from. Oh I pray for mold to attack their finished work and you are blessed abundantly for the gorgeous talent God gave you. It has been 15 months of battling with my infringement and I'm finally going public with all that's happened. Thanks for making this public, I just wish I had a way to contact the culprit to give them a few words of my own.

  20. Thank you Kim! I know it can be so disheartening! :o(

  21. What a scumbag...beware...now that we know about your experience we all will watch for this kind of theft....I used to have my own decorative painting business also and I understand this so well!!! So sorry you had this experience.
    BTW...your painting is so very wonderful!!! I will bookmark your site for later this year when I'll be looking for Christmas gifts!!!