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Friday, November 13, 2009

Show & Tell Friday...My Late Grandfather's Carvings


(my sister Heather, 'Bupa' Hammerstrom, and me)

Over at My Romantic Home, Cindy is hosting a Show & Tell Friday and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share the wood carvings my late grandfather made...they are something I will always treasure. My grandfather passed away at the end of June...(you can read more about him here.) He is greatly missed by my Grandma, his children, and many, many grandchildren...Thanksgiving & Christmas will surely be bittersweet this year, but I am thankful that he is in Heaven now and no longer suffering.


  1. Aren't they adorable! What a talented man! I guess it runs in your family.

  2. Thank you!:) My Mom is also an artist!

  3. Talented brush-strokes flow through family veins ...

    "Talent" in deed.

    Thank you for sharing, have a GRAND weekend.

  4. He would be so proud if he could see this on the internet....
    For always in your heart.
    Nice weekend

  5. Thank you so much!Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  6. How adorable - thanks for sharing. He was very talented.

  7. Such beautiful carvings!! What a treasure full of special memories!
    Thanks for sharing this story with us.
    Mama Holli

  8. Thanks for sharing this; the carvings are so cute and it is so nice to have something made by your dad.

  9. Your grandfather's carvings are beautiful and such a treasure for you to remember him by. I enjoy looking at your beautiful paintings too. I love your dogs! I've been painting cows lately, but don't have the time to devote to art... too busy with the grandbabies!