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Friday, November 13, 2009

ART FRAUD on ebay & even Michaels!!

PLEASE do REAL, hardworking artists a favor and be aware of the rampant ART FRAUD on ebay & now even at Michaels!! 
Check out this new blog sent to me by a fellow artist:
I also wrote a GUIDE on ebay last year on How To Spot a FAKE Oil Painting. Click here. It seems that the problem is only getting worse as computer programs such as Photoshop make it VERY easy for anyone to take a photo, alter it, and make it look like not only an oil painting, but a watercolor, drawing, charcoal, you name it! If something looks 'a little too good to be true', chances are it is a FAKE!
**And the latest dog rescued from being chained!!! from Coalition to Unchain Dogs :) enjoy!


  1. shameful, didn't know that was going on- I'll pass it on. Hard enough for artists to sell without competing against fradulent art!thanks,

  2. Yeah, and there is one artist on ebay who sells ACEOs (mini oil paintings) along with larger work and not only are they photos painted over, but he's been using copyrighted photos without permission and getting away with it for years!And what infuriates so many of us honest, hardworking artists, is this creep is a Power Seller on ebay! He just continues to get away with it...and he also wins people's sympathy by saying he too donates a portion to animal rescue...but irregardless of whether that is even true, what he is doing is a crime. He is not the only one, there are many fraud artists on ebay, but it's hard to see just how many people have been fooled and have wasted their money on something that is not genuine. When in doubt ask some established artists for their opinion...to me it is SO easy to spot, but apparently not everyone sees things so clearly...such a shame, and especially in this economy!

  3. This art fraud goes on by gallerys and publishers who ebuse eBay who does too little too protect collectors and artists rights. Google "Tamara Bane Gallery"

    The Hajime V. Tamara Bane Gallery case is a clear example of how art frauds may be easily conducted on eBay and the internet even as a court case is taking place with injunctions in place.