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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shell Collection & Vintage Nippon with Floral

"Shell Collection," 4"x 6", oil on canvas,
$39(plus s/h) (available)

"Vintage Nippon with Floral," 4"x 6", oil on canvas,
$39(plus s/h)(SOLD,thank you!)

Well, as you can see I finished these two paintings this evening so I was not able to get a good photograph of either. I will replace the photos at some stage tomorrow as long as the sun is available. Do you see an ongoing theme here in Michigan? Anyway, both will be available on etsy. A customer recently asked me if I do commission work and the answer is yes! I have a link in my sidebar or you can visit my website (Studio Lara) to see my prices.

**AND, Kate Coveny Hood did a really nice post about yours truly today :o) be sure to check out her blogs, I have two of her blog buttons in my right side bar, Wishing True, and The Big Piece of Cake...my kind of girl!


  1. Oh I rather like the second one :)

  2. Well thank you very much! I need to seriously replace the photos tomorrow though, they look wayyy better than what is up right now! :o)

  3. oh..i adore the second one...so so lovely!!!!

  4. They look very pretty to me. Love the little bowl in the second one.

  5. Oh again I have to say.....I love them.
    Such great talent you have....
    I adore it.
    Nice day and take care

  6. Thank you!I can't believe one of them sold before I was able to replace the photo! I will still replace both photos hopefully this morning or this afternoon!Paintings always look better in person! :o)

  7. Your work really is beautiful!!!

    :) T

  8. Love the first one Laura it's gorgeous I love the nautical theme of it have a great weekend :)

  9. You know that's funny, I also liked the 1st one better than the 2nd, but it was the 2nd one that went before I could even replace the photo! But hopefully someone will like the nautical touch I gave the piece! ;o)

  10. You are an amazing artist!! I especially love your painting of the little yorkie....you really captured his sweet spirit.
    Have a great day!!