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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Special Thank-You from Matthew Mead to ME!!

What a great message to wake up to this morning from none other than designer/stylist/author/editor Matthew Mead!:

Words cannot express the deep appreciation Jenny and I feel for the absolutely amazing portrait of Oscar. You have perfectly captured his essence in color and proportion and I was overwhelmed opening such a thoughtful gift upon arriving at Linda's. We just adore the painting and have shared it with family and friends alike who have had the same reaction. Thank you for sharing our special doggie with so many of your fans.
Best, Matthew and Jenny Mead

How good is that?? And then Linda MacDonald over at Restyled Home did a wonderful write up about my work as well! It's not everyday that an artist is recognized by their peers, so thank you Matthew and Linda! You have truly made my day! And be sure to stay tuned to their new magazine coming out soon called
Flea Market Style!


  1. What a sweet portrait of sweet Oscar!


  2. How very, VERY wonderful this day is for you! Enjoy the Cloud Nine you're riding and may CONGRATULATIONS be yours!

  3. Well, Lara, you really did do a fantastic job! Seeing the picture of them with their real life pup, I think you caught Oscar perfectly!

  4. What a blessing! Nothing is better than to be recognized and valued by another artist... Your work painting animals is stunning. The best I've seen...

    Your hands are gifted.

    Love, Rebecca

  5. Oscar just has the cutest face and The Mead's are right, you captured him so perfectly! Thanks for visiting and following so I could discover your wonderful work!!

    Robin@Miscellaneous Thoughts

  6. You deserve the compliments..it is a great pet portrait!

  7. Absolutely beautiful work!!

    thanks for following me.

    Barbara Jean

  8. aaahhh I love this :)

    So special!!

    Kay Ellen

  9. my goodness that dog is too cute! I love your painting! :)