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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

To Honor Taffy's Life, We Rescued Kiah

Our little gift from God. . .meet Kiah: (youtube video)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Gift from God. . .

It's truly amazing how God works in our lives. Just last week I started to think of what breeds would be similar to our beloved Taffy who was a New Zealand Huntaway/Kelpie & I thought of an Australian Cattle Dog. Well within the hour, out of the blue! a facebook friend posted on my wall asking if I would be interested in an Australian Cattle Dog puppy! I had not mentioned to ANYONE that I had been even thinking about getting another dog, much less a Cattle Dog! As it turns out, the puppy was due to go to a family in Portland, but the plans fell through. We weren't planning on getting another dog for some time, but felt this was really meant to be, and then looking at the photo above we were certain. The little puppy, who we have already named Kiah (an Aboriginal name meaning 'the beautiful place') has a rainbow leash in the photo, to us a sure sign from God & Taffy who is waiting at the 'Rainbow Bridge' for us, that this pup is meant to be ours. We are still grieving for Taffy, but before he passed away I told him in honor of his life we would rescue another dog, just like how we rescued him...and now Kiah is on her way to us this Tuesday! We will never, ever forget Taffy & have several photos and the painting I did of him all hanging up in our living room, but we know Kiah will help to mend our broken hearts and provide companionship for Jedha as well. So grateful to God for his compassion & love...we don't always understand why our loved ones are taken from us, but we have to believe there is a reason for everything and one day we will know.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

He is gone. . .

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

And THIS is Why We Fight...


Devastating News...

Went to the vet today & Taffy's tumor has grown & is now inside his mouth as well as his face. He was given a super strong chemo drug today & we will know this week if it works. If it does he will have 6 treatments in hopes that it saves his life...this is his last chance. Please pray for God's mercy. I haven't prayed harder for anything in my entire life.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Feature on Become.com & New Prints Available on etsy!

Thank you to Become.com for featuring my blog on their site! I've been busy as a bee working on summer commissions and I listed some new prints in my store on etsy...be sure to take a peek! Hope you are enjoying your summer! :) If you are interested in having a pet portrait done or a custom piece done feel free to contact me and/or visit my site at Studio Lara.com.