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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

And THIS is Why We Fight...



  1. May God be with you as you face the unknown. Some of my greatest earthly joys have come from owning and loving our dogs...

    Praying in the most earnest of ways for healing...


  2. Hiya, just watched your vid and I would do exactly the same as you, whilst ever he is happy and enjoying life you have to give him a chance. A few people think we should put our old dog to sleep (she is 18 years and 4 months!) she is very deaf, nearly blind and sometimes takes a while to get going in a morning, but she runs up the garden wagging her tail, and jumps on the chair at night to go to sleep, she eats her food and loves treats, whilst ever she is enjoying her life I will point her in the direction she needs to go and keep the furniture in exactly the same position, and not go away on holiday....if you love your animals you make sacrifices. Keep up with the good work!! Hugs Linda

  3. I'm so sorry about Taffy. Yes, you are all in my thoughts.