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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Feather & Egg Collection...Painting in OIL by Lara

("Feather & Egg Collection," 9"x 12",
oil on stretched canvas, available on etsy
I ran out of good sunlight today so I am crossing my fingers 
that the sun will make an appearance tomorrow. 
This piece is available on etsy.


  1. I could just fly away with this, it is SO very lovely! Your paintings are all so special. Happy Tuesday, Lara! xx Suzanne

  2. Thank you so much Suzanne! Need to get a better photo up as this piece looks a lot better than the current photo shows! :)

  3. How beautiful! What amazing detail, Lara! xx

  4. Oh really georgeous!!!
    Fine day

  5. Wonderful feathery detail and colors. Do you label what types they are with the piece?

  6. Some of the feathers I'm not sure of, I know one is a blue jay, and I believe the little reddish one is from a cardinal, but I'd have to try and research a bit to figure out which ones the others came from. I have collected quite a few so far from friends, etc. and am really enjoying painting them! :)