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Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Vintage Vibe...Portrait in OIL by LARA

 ("Betty," 22"x 28", oil on canvas, 
private commission)
 I am finally finished with this piece, although I still wish I could get a better photo as I think it looks much better in person! My client wanted for me to create a vintage style portrait incorporating her late mother-in-law's love of jazz. She didn't want the piece to be just black and white, so I added a bit of silverish purple to her dress, the tablescape, and the jazz players in the background. I added just a hint of blue in the background, and there is a bit of light yellow enhancing the lights in the background as well as the small candle on the table. My client will be giving this to her husband for Father's Day and said it would be ok to share it with you here on my blog. This was what she wrote to me:
        "I cant wait to see my daughter's first heirloom and my husband's face when he sees this..she loved jazz and he once told me, she always had music playing in the house. I wish she or her husband could see it!"      
It has been a true honor to create such a special piece for their family! If you are interested in having a portrait done feel free to contact me....my pricing can be found here.   


  1. What a treasure and a tribute - beautiful!

  2. I couldn't believe this!! It is FABULOUS! Well done..
    May God continue to bless you wonderful talent!
    Have you ever placed your name on Sepia Saturday? If not, then go to the Blogs I follow, click onto it, and put your name and site in there. That will direct many Bloggers to your site. I know they will adore this. Hugs **

  3. Oh, Lara, how blessed you are to be able to provide such a treasured piece that is sure to become a much loved family heirloom! Stunning!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  4. Thank you so much! It was a lot of fun to create! :)

  5. Absolutely wonderful! A priceless treasure.

  6. Oh Lara,

    Absolutely amazing. You are blessed.

    big hugs,

  7. It is beautiful. I wish I could see the person getting it. They are going to love it.

  8. Your art is beautiful! You should be so proud helping someone gift a gift so special. (I used to live in Michigan)

  9. So talented!!! I can only imagine how much this picture will be treasured.

  10. Wow! Thank you everyone! Such a nice way to start off the day! God bless!

  11. This is an amazing piece!!! It perfectly captures the mood of a swinging jazz club. Just like a little slice of history.

    Your portrait prices are very reasonable especially considering your talent. I'm just blown away by what you've done here.