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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ebay woes...when will I ever learn?

So, I had to change my etsy listings for the time being to only accept personal checks & money orders as my paypal account is temporarily on hold thanks to my 1st ever fraudulent buyer on,you guessed it, ebay!
We recently sold our two dog crates, leftover from when we shipped our two dogs from Australia to Michigan. One went from Michigan alllll the way to Tennessee by Greyhound Package Express, no problems whatsoever, wonderful feedback received from the buyer, the way it should be.
Now we have a buyer from Florida claiming the crate never arrived (it DID arrive, we called the Greyhound Center in FL ourselves and confirmed that the buyer was actually en route to pick up the crate!) So this wonderful person has filed a claim on ebay and expects a full refund and basically a free dog crate...um, I don't think so.
It just stinks that people like this exist in our world. No conscience whatsoever, one lie after another...I cannot imagine living my life in such a way. This person needs prayers, seriously...and not a free dog crate. If I was able to just give it away, I would've sent it to one of the dog rescue groups I work with...hoping paypal will come through for me. Truth will prevail!! :)


  1. Paypal does at least investigate! I am sorry to hear about that and I guess we should all take note. I've had my creep experiences on ebay but that takes the cake.

  2. Thanks :) I am hopeful that paypal will rule in my favor...either way I really am considering giving up on ebay entirely...and I will really be upset if in the end this person is still able to leave me negative feedback.

  3. Well I hope this works for you...I stopped using paypal because I ran into that a few years ago, it was a mess and if something was not sent with delivery confirmation, then basically that set things up wide open for claims being filed for not receiving things....I have not sold on ebay ever since, it was a mess.

  4. Ick. Just the kind of drama and general yuckiness we hope to avoid in our day to day lives. I hope the truth wins out for you!

  5. Lara...in 2007 a woman buyer on eBay stole her employer's credit card (he was a doctor) and spent wildly using it to by THOUSANDS of dollars worth of stuff on eBay (mostly from artisans...cottage chic, painted stuff, etc.). I alone was hit for over $500. It was devastating to me and other SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS. The owner of the Credit Card (the doc) filed fraud charges with his Card Company and they BACKED OUT ALL THE FUNDS paid to us from our Pay Pal accounts. Through the generosity of many of our buyers who purchased "Cause Banners", some of us got our money back that way. The woman got off SCOTT FREE. :( :( She kept ALL our merchandise, too.

    I'm a good person...try to live a good, Godly life. But I still want to BEAT HER UP!!!!

    I'm still not over it all. But...in 8 years this was the worst thing that ever happened to me. That and my ONLY NEGATIVE given to me by an attorney woman who lives in Indiana...said she paid me when she didn't and then dinged me.

    Not too bad considering in two more years I'll have sold on eBay for a decade.

    Hope things work out!!!! I feel for you! I really do!


  6. Wow! Yeah I've heard some real horror stories, but that is pretty bad. Well, I've sent paypal emails and a photo of our receipt and they have the number to Greyhound Shipping to confirm everything, so I am hoping this will get resolved quickly, but it certainly makes me lean towards just accepting checks and money orders. It just seems like the seller has no protection. Hopefully in this case I am wrong!:)

  7. Hi Lara
    Firstly, I just wanted to thank you for following my blog and secondly, I'm really sorry to hear about the problems you are having with an Ebay customer. Unfortunately there are too many of these dishonest crooks in the world and when you yourself come across one, it is really bad luck. I hope you manage to sort them out.
    By the way, your blog is gorgeous.

  8. Dear Lara,
    Errrrr!! How frustrating!! I am sorry to hear the misfortunate news! It is not even the money, it is what this jerk thinks they can get by with!! I have done ebay for a long time.. the majority is so worth it. I have been burned too before! No FAIR!! All I can say is move on.. they will get it one day.

  9. Why are some people so dishonest? I can't imagine pulling something like that! The truth is that most people are not that way - they pay their bills and are honorable. But those bad eggs sure do a number on us. Not fair.

  10. Ohhhhhh....eBay. Wish I could say something positive here, but....

    Anyway, I think it will work out for you with PayPal.

    Oh, but eBay....

  11. I know, I knowww :o( What was I thinking??...I'm tellin ya if they don't rule in my favor I am done! And for real this time!!