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Friday, September 25, 2009

*Artist's Portrait* Anne Harwell

What a small world we live in! I learned just a few weeks ago that Anne Harwell is not only an artist like myself, but a Michigan native as well! It is a true pleasure having her share her story here...

Where were you born?
I was born in Detroit, Michigan.

What are your earliest memories of being involved in making art or wanting to be an artist?
From an early age, I was obsessed with any and all kinds of art and office supplies. I would spend my compulsory "nap time" as a kid, creating things from paper cuttings, mucilage and crayons. I would then use a wet cloth to dampen the hair around my hairline and rub my cheeks to convince my mom that I had actually slept a little.

What type of subject matter inspires you most?
I am drawn to design and interiors, in particular.

Tell us a little about your family and where you live.
I am single and live in Bonita Springs, FL on the Gulf Coast. I love the mild climate and living near the beach. It's a perfect, laid-back setting that is great for day-to-day living, far from the urban angst I have experienced living in large cities elsewhere.

What are some of your favorite things or things that are essential to your success/well-being as a person and an artist?
My relationship with God is the most essential thing to keeping me centered, content and sane in this crazy world. My family is also a great source of support and I am very grateful for a close relationship with them. I love being outside, frequenting bookstores, cooking, keeping up with my friends, getting quiet time and plenty of sleep. I also always have a bottle of water with me....always!

Where would you live if you could live anywhere?
That is a hard question - I would probably live here in Florida most of the time, but would also love to live in Paris, London, or Barcelona for part of the year.

What are the most challenging things for you being an artist?
Probably the fact that I am entirely responsible for every aspect of my own business and I have to be a self-starter. Building up a client base and a consistent income can be a challenge as well, but hard work and perseverance pay off. I wouldn't trade the joy and satisfaction that I derive from being an artist for the mundane security of a predictable job, though.

Here are some examples of her work...the first, an intricately hand-cut silhouette of a classic Chinese Chippendale chair is one of my favorites by far!
(Currently available in her Etsy store.)

And I really love her framed quotes!
Be sure to visit Anne's Blog . She also does commissioned work as well. (click here to contact her)


  1. COOL! What a great post!
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. I love Anne's work, Lara! I have purchased some of her notecards and just this past week ordered one of her prints. I love that she has subject matter relevant to interior design ~ the notecards especially, because I do send notecards out to clients and wanted to keep them related to my business.

  3. I love her! She seems like such a lovely soul. I lov eher work and have been a fan for a while. great post.

  4. I love Anne too...she is so talented and so kind and generous too.
    I would like to apologise, Lara, for not coming over sooner. You followed me ages ago and I forgot to follow you and put you in my sidebar and, as a consequence, you were overlooked and forgotten....I'm so sorry. I will rectify this as soon as I have commented. XXXX

  5. No worries whatsoever!...and I agree Anne is not only talented, but a true gem of a person! :)