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Friday, July 24, 2009

What's on my Easel? Take a Peek :o)

Going Dutch, 3"x 5" oil on canvas, $35(plus s/h) (available)

Nest Collection, 3"x 5", oil on canvas,$35(plus s/h) (SOLD,thank you!)

I will need to try and re-photograph the 2 pieces above when I get a bit more sun here, the colors are not as vivid as in real life...both will be available on etsy.

This is a portrait I am currently working on of a beloved Chocolate Lab, named Chip. He passed away last November and is greatly missed by his family. I love the fact that Chip's Mom wanted me to be sure to paint him with a few of his front teeth missing as they 'chipped' off when he had run into something as a pup...I think it's in our imperfections that we find true beauty! :o) I'm hoping to finish this piece in the next day or so.
Below is the beginning of a miniature oil painting for Kate Coveny Hood , the 1st
winner whom I had chosen from the original entries for my recent Blog Art Giveaway...I had to change it to a winner every 2 weeks as I just cannot paint fast enough and have some commissions I simply have to get finished before I am hunted down.


  1. I love the nest collection! :)


  2. Chip's family is going to be so happy with the portrait! You've captured dog kisses in his eyes!

  3. All so beautiful!
    I really like the one you're working on for the prize too!
    Great job!

  4. Thank you!Not the best photos, but hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow ;o)

  5. Looks like you are busy. Chip is a cutie and I'm sure the portrait will have a place of honour.
    I am amazed at the detail you get on such a small canvas. Beautiful.

  6. Thank you :o) I think it's from doing ACEO mini paintings 3 years prior...I do enjoy doing the little paintings...it's almost a challenge to see just how much detail I can get...I especially love doing a painting with a study in it, like the one I did a few weeks back that had "Rainy Day in Paris" in it...SO challenging but super fun!:o)

  7. This is the post I'm talking about with "Rainy Day in Paris"...took me FORever just to get the little painting right, but very fun...and even better it sold! Who-hoo!:o)


  8. Hi, Lara, I got my package this week & absolutely LOVE the painting. WOW, is it pretty! I'm going to show it off on my blog on Sunday with a link to you. Thank you SO Much!

  9. Thank you!It was my pleasure!:o)I have also added your blog button to my sidebar!

  10. Your paintings are so amazing.

  11. Thank you :o) I just cannot believe I can paint!I tried in high school with acrylics and found it soooo difficult and never tried again...then about 3-4 years ago I was inspired by the work of Chris Stott, an amazing still life artist in Canada...I picked up a brush and to my amazement I could paint!I give all thanks to God, and to my Mom who is also a wonderful artist!