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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Garden Bath, (After Mary Cassatt) Painting in Oil

Garden Bath, (After Mary Cassatt), 6"x6",
oil on canvas, (SOLD,thank you!)

(close up of study of Mary Cassatt painting The Bath)

I will most assuredly need to take a better photograph of this piece tomorrow as I ran out of sunlight today, but this is what I've been up to the past couple of days...along with finishing up a couple of commissioned pieces. I absolutely love the work of Mary Cassatt, especially her paintings of mothers with their children. The Bath, is just lovely. I spent nearly 3 1/2 hours just painting the study of this painting, trying to get the colors just right...hopefully I've done Mary's piece some justice. This painting will be available on ebay this evening.
(*Also, I am still waiting to hear if I can share the name of the designer/stylist who I just completed a painting for...I'm hoping I will be able to spill the beans in the next day or two, very exciting...hopefully he will like the portrait I did! It was a surprise from another designer to this person...someone who just may give Martha a run for her money!! :o)
(**Update: I replaced the photo, but am still waiting for the sun to break thru the clouds to get a better photo...paintings always look better in real life! :o)


  1. The most excellent piece of art! Love it!

  2. Thank you, I need to get a better photo...it looks SO much better than what the photo is showing...I love Mary Cassatt :o)

  3. Beautiful!
    adore Cassatt's paitings as well...

  4. Thank you so much!I'm a bit disappointed that the sun has still not broken thru the clouds here in Michigan, but I will replace the photo now and hope for more sun later on :o)

  5. I've always loved her artwork too. There is something so real about her work. I think your piece is gorgeous! What a creative idea, Love it!

  6. Lovely! Do I see a subtle Karin Jurick-esque hint influencing painting? It delightfully reminds me of her gallery of "gallery" pieces!

    Still on the edge of my seat wondering who the mystery designer/stylest is! Can't wait till those particular beans will be spilled!

  7. That has got to be THE best compliment ever!I have admired Karin Jurick's work for a few years now, ever since I started to paint!It is my goal to paint like her one day!:o)...and it is just about killing me not to be able to share who I did a portrait for, but I have to wait until this person gives 'him' the gift!!Stay tuned!

  8. Carn't wait to see who you have done your painting for, i bet you are excited too Elaine :)

  9. Still waiting to find out when I can spill the beans...but I could say if you looked around my blog a bit you just might be able to figure out who it is, but if you do shhh! it is supposed to be a surprise!