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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Vintage Chianti Bottle & Hydrangea with Spode

3"x5", oil on canvas panel, $35(plus s/h)(available)

3"x5", oil on canvas panel $35(plus s/h) (SOLD)

Our two 'boys' are bugging me to get out in this gorgeous sunshine and take them for a walk being that this is day 3 and they have yet to venture through the neighborhood...yes, Jedha & Taffy I know the squirrels are waiting. Anyway, I finished a couple miniature oil paintings today, each 3"x5" on primed canvas panel. I will be listing them (hopefully) on Etsy this evening, $35(plus s/h) each. Inquiries are always welcome however!...And a warm hello to my new followers!Thank you for your kind words and interest in my work!
(**Update: they are now available in my store on Etsy)


  1. Hope you and the 'boys' had a lovely walk. Love the vibrant colours in your paintings! xx

  2. Pour me a glass... lovely things and glad you are painting.
    I get so much pleasure from my work. Keep coming back and commenting. Keep painting too!

  3. Thank you so much!I've only been painting about 3 years now but it definitely brings me joy...I used to be a 3rd grade teacher, but after marrying an Aussie in 2006 I have been able to pursue my life long dream of being an artist full-time!:o)

  4. And we did have a grreat walk :o)...didn't get my paintings listed on Etsy yet, but will either this morning or afternoon!...I love spring!